About Us

The Aim & Objective of World of Wisdom / WOW is

  • To create an ecosystem of Learning and Enhancing the Quality of Education.
  • Encourage Parents’ Engagement in their Child’s Education at School and Home.
  • Feature Talk shows on Parenting, Children’s Enrichment Programs, Career Counselling, etc.
  • Honour Educationists who have given us some World Class Innovative Educational Products and Created Opportunities for Others to Grow.
  • Showcase the Success Stories of Schools, whose hard work has given us some World Class Educational Institutions.
  • Celebrate Path Breaking stories of Ordinary People with Extraordinary Achievements
  • Share Education News, School Events & Functions, Health, Wellness & Fitness Programs.
  • Share Innovative Ideas, Practises and Strategies to help Educators Improve Education.
  • Academic Enrichment of Educators through Educational Seminars, Workshops & Trainings.
  • Promote Value & Life Skills Education and CSR – Community & Social Responsibility Programs
  • Recognise the Inspiring and Selfless Contributors of Social Impact Work.